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Tomorrow–September 25 2014–is Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets).  The Jews call the 10 days from Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur the 10 days of awe in which a person looks deep inside himself for repentance to YHWH. As YHWH continues to show signs of the closeness of the hour may we take the days of awe this year more serious than ever before so that we might remove any barrier between us and our Creator. 


Sad, Sad…..

And he said, Then I beg you, father, that you send him to my father’s house;(for I have five brothers, so that he may witness to them, that they not also come to this place of torment). 

 Abraham said to him, They have Moses and the Prophets, let them hear them.  But he said, No, father Abraham, but if one should go from the dead to them, they will repent…And he said to him,

 If they will not hear Moses and the Prophets,

 they will not be persuaded

even if one from the dead should rise.  

Luke 16:27-30 

Even when it happens, folks will STILL not believe….Sad, sad 

And A Second Time….

Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand, three hundred and thirty five days.

(Dan 12:12)

How Does It Further HIS Kingdom?

Admittedly, we sometimes face “gray areas” —

things that are not necessarily forbidden by the Bible,

But still may not belong in our lives.

When you are unsure whether or not something is wrong,

Ask yourself these questions: Does it glorify YHWH?

Can I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for it?

Does it draw me closer to Yahshua,

or does it make me preoccupied with this world?

Will it harm my health or hurt me in some other way?

Will it cause someone else to stumble spiritually or morally,

especially a less mature Believer?

I have never forgotten what a wise Believer said to me many years ago:

“When in doubt — don’t”

From Billy Graham’s “The Journey”

A Rapture Testimony

To any and all looking for the rapture this spring…..

A very wise man once told me to be prepared for the tribulation and surprised by the rapture…..

How arrogant for we Americans (and I am one) to think that YHWH will just whisk us out of here at the first sign of trouble.  How self-centered we are to think that we will not have to go through tribulation.  What do you think our persecuted brethren in Darfur, Kenya, Sudan, etc think of our attitude?

Over ten years ago, I was all “caught up” with Marilyn Agee and her prediction for the rapture on May 31, 1998.  As the day and moment approached, I felt dirtier and dirtier as I realized and thought “WHO AM I?  Why would He take ME for the bride?”  I realized on that very day that I had not studied His Word the way a bride should.  I was 44 years old and I had not even read the scriptures through once!

I praise YHWH for that experience; that was a life-changing moment. Since that day in 1998, I have read the scriptures over and over and over.  I have begged the Father to purify me and to cleanse me, to get me ready for HIM.  My family joined me and we laid our life in front of Him.  He took most everything from us, including many of our cherished beliefs.   We have been through much trial, persecution and suffering because of our decision. We praise HIM for the trials for we have truly matured in the faith.  He taught us that only through only through much trial and tribulation can we be purified, just as silver is purified by fire.  That was 11 years ago, and we are not even close to ready.  He keeps revealing more we need to work on! 

So as these days come and go and the rapture STILL hasn’t happened…..maybe you will ask the same questions I asked almost 11 years ago.  AM I REALLY READY?  Am I ready to give up anything  (and I mean ANYTHING) for HIM?  Am I willing to go through tribulation and trial to be purified?  Am I  willing to trust Him for EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERTHING)?

Remember the Words of Yahshua to the rich young man in Mark 10:

One thing you lack; go thy way, sell whatsoever you have, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me…

Blessings to you,

Mary Ames

A Progression of Faith