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Fifteen Years Ago…

Today, May 31, 2013, is the 15th anniversary of two important events.  It was the day I turned my heart and soul to YHWH and it was also the day two very special people were married.  It was Shavuot (Pentecost) that year.  It was a big day for all three of us.

The miracle of Hannah Ruth has strained the relationship with those two special people…strained  to the point that there is no longer a relationship at all.

My earnest prayer is that the very thing that has torn this relationship apart (and most all of the other relationships in our lives) is the very thing that will reconcile.



YHWH Changes Not…..

Nothing has changed.

The miracle of Hannah Ruth is still an awesome work of YHWH.

There is  little time left to believe without seeing.

 The works of YHWH are great, sought out by all those desiring them.

Psalm 111:2

A Progression of Faith