Where Are They Hiding?

It was about 4000 years ago that Jacob (Israel) begat twelve sons, who became the fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel.  It is amazing how prolific this family was. In a matter of 430 years, Israel grew from only 70 souls to about 2,500,000 people.   

I have often pondered these numbers.  If there has been approximately 4,000 years since the time the 12 brothers walked the earth, how many Israelite progeny should there be on the earth today? Let’s consider some numbers; I think you will be astounded.

During this 430 year period, the Israelites doubled their population about every 29 years.  Now, to be on the conservative side, let us assume that after they left Egypt and for the next 3500 years, these 2.5 million people  doubled only every 350 years.  This slowed rate of reproduction will account for all the natural disasters, plagues, holocausts, wars and other premature deaths that have occurred during the course of history. So, get your calculator out and double 2.5 million 10 times. 

What is the total you came up with? 

My total was over 2.5 billion.  These are Israelites that should be alive today.  (And that is with extremely conservative figures.) 

Now, my question is: Where are all these people?  

“They” tell us there are only 12-15 millions Jews alive today.  The number we just calculated suggests that there is WAY more people with Israelite blood in the world today.

Where are these people?  And who are they today?

Consider these lyrics:

I’ll tell you a strange tale, A riddle, a rhyme.   A song sung by YHWH and passed down through time……A search for an answer, hunger to know…

So, ask about Israel, where did she go?  Oh where did He hide her; where does He keep her? 

When did millions and millions and millions of people forget?

Soon He’ll uncover, The world will discover

Israel, Israel, right here! 

 And they shall know that I am YHWH, when I shall scatter them among the nations, and disperse them in the countries.  Ezekiel 12:15


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