I Put Before You Life and Death….

Those were Moses words to the children of Israel just as they were about to enter the Promised Land. (Deut 30:15-20) Moses had reviewed the rules and laws that YHWH had given them.  Moses told them if they choose to live by these rules, they would be blessed; if they choose to rebel against YHWH’s rules, they would be cursed.  Moses boils this all down to offering the choice of either life or death.

When we remind our children of this story, they look at us and say “Duh!!”  Of course, all of us would say,  “I choose life!”  With our mouths we say “yes!”

But, but what about our actions?

The rules and regulations that Moses gave the children of Israel are often referred to as “The Torah”, or “the Law”.  If you look closer at the Torah, you will discover that it is simply a set life instructions. In fact, a prudent believer would agree that the entire book of the bible, all 66 books, contains life Instructions from YHWH.

Yet, the Christian Church has given “The Law” a bad name. We are told that we are no longer under the law, that we were delivered from the curse of the law, that because we have grace, we are no longer held to these rules.

Who REALLY believes that?  And what is so grievous about His instructions?

As believers, we do need a set of instructions to follow.  So, in an attempt to keep some order in our lives and attempt to live righteously, we individually choose which rules to follow; we pick and choose from the Torah as though it was a cafeteria, each man doing what is right in his own eyes. (Judges 21:25)

As a result, we end up casting much of YHWH’s instructions aside.

In the Good News of John, we are told that “In the beginning was the WORD and The WORD became flesh and dwelt among us.” Most every believer will agree that this passage in John 1 is referring to Yahshua, the son of YHWH, who came down to earth from heaven, became mortal flesh, and walked among us.  It was the WORD, or the scriptures, that became flesh.  The WORD is the whole Bible.   If Yahshua was the whole of Scripture, that means HE was The TORAH.

Yahshua = TORAH

The definition of anti-Messiah is one who does not believe that the Word became Flesh.  (I John 4:3) Since the Word is the Torah (instructions), then an anti-Messiah is one who believes that Yahshua is not TORAH.  What are we if we don’t embrace the entire Torah?  What are we if we cast part of the Torah aside?

By choosing TORAH, we are choosing Yahshua; by choosing Yahshua, we are agreeing to follow HIS Way as much is as humanly possibly.  He is THE Way, the Truth and the LIFE!

So, when Moses was asking the children of Israel to choose life, He was asking US to choose TORAH which is ultimately Yahshua, the son of YHWH.

I call Heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.

Therefore, choose life, that you may live, you and your seed, to love YHWH your Elohim,to listen to  His voice,  and to cleave to Him.

(Deut 30:19-20)

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